Messaging vs. Chat for Conversational Commerce

Speaking with Shai Berger, CEO of Fonolo, we discuss the importance of understanding the styles and differences of conversations call centers have with various channels. Interactions via messaging are very different than conversations via email or Facebook Messenger.

How Who You Hire Impacts customer Retention

Mark Brody of Brohawk Solutions speaks to about how companies should flip the hiring process upside down. Mark has over 25 years of experience working in contact centers and provides some great examples of how companies can align their core values and customer experiences to who they hire.


How to Add A Social Media Support Channel

Michael Pace Founder of The Pace of Service and the Northeast Contact Center Forum, speaks to us about the five primary steps organizations should take in order to add support and customer contact to your social media channels. One take-away you won’t want to forget is the key element in interacting with customers in these channels is acknowledgment.



The Challenge of Scheduling and Workforce Management

Every call center faces the challenge of scheduling and forecasting their workforce. Randy Rubingh is a seasoned call center executive who has first-hand experience working in the trenches. Join our conversation learn tips and strategies that will ease this burden in your call center.

Elevating customer service programs in the multi-channel contact center world

In this episode, I interview Dan Coen, from Call Center Today regarding how to maintain great customer service in a multi-channel world. I almost forgot that texting (SMS) is also a channel being used by companies. Dan’s sage advice is to not try to force a best practice on each client, rather, understand the types of transactions they are conducting and determine which strategy works best.

How to Manage the Challenges of a BPO Relationship

In this episode of Contact Center Insights, Nancy speaks to Christa Heibel of CHCG Consulting. Christa has been working with the C-Suite of contact centers for over two decades and has worked both sides of the table when it comes to working with BPOs. Listen to Christas’s great advice on the importance of communication and “putting it in writing” to ensure you have a smooth sailing relationship.


Tips on Building a Solid Customer Service and Inside Sales Team

I had a blast interviewing Judy, she is truly one of a kind and has a great theory on how to train your contact center employees. In this episode, Judy explains her LAMA approach to talking to anyone on the phone, it’s all about making that person feel good and treating them with respect.

Analytics and Training

Can you predict which agents will perform better than others? In this episode we will discuss how to leverage technology for Predictable Performance.

Speech Analytics

In this episode, I interview Chris Lawson and speak about speech analytics and the in-depth thought you should invest in before implementing this technology.

Trends for Contact Centers

In this show, we take a look at some of the trends facing contact centers in the next few years.


How to Build the “X” factor.

Do you know how to create the “X” factor for your contact center? In this show we talk about how to build a culture for creating Wow experiences.