Seeing & Hearing Employee Interactions

We can predict who your top performers will be, BEFORE getting into production Using our Training Simulator

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Captures Every Verbal & Onscreen Interaction

We remove the need to have a coach or team member observe new agents conducting a role-play or sample transaction. ACES captures every verbal response and onscreen interaction into a detailed granular report. You can deploy these hands-on simulations in a scalable and cost-effective method and know immediately who is “getting it” and who isn’t. See a┬ásample report from here.

Real-Time Immediate Feedback

Using built-in intelligence, users receive real-time and immediate feedback from our ACES coach. Immediate feedback vs. delayed feedback is proven to accelerate knowledge transfer.

Powerful Reports Help Your Workforce Planning

ACES provides superior analytics to arm you with insights into who your top performers will be and can be used to cut poor performers before they get into production — minimizing your risk of a poor customer experience. Click here to view a sample report