ACES - Accelerated Cognitive Engagement System

Simulation Editor/Developer Software

ACES development software, allows anyone to build engaging and immersive simulations using our No-Code solution. Designed to allow you to build sophisticated learning experiences that truly help teach your users how to manage their day-to-day tasks in a safe and intelligent way.

There are no limits to the behaviors we can present to the learner. Each simulation is built with three levels of immersion

  1. Level One – all verbal and on-screen prompts given to introduce the learner to the what and how behind this scenario
  2. Level Two – same scenario as level one with prompts removed and allow the user 1-2 attempts at performing the task correctly before providing coaching
  3. Level Three – same scenario but all prompts are removed and scored accordingly

Student Administration

We are unique in that we are not using the industry standard SCORM or AICC standards for online training. Why? Because these standards do not allow you to build training that allows for a large variety and unique skills to be measured and reported on. 

Simulations can be assigned based on user roles, and carry their history forward even as the user’s roles or assignments change.

By collecting detailed analytics at scale, you can Pro-Actively Make Strategic Decisions Faster.

Desktop APP

Our unique learning platform leverages the built-in speech recognition functionality that is native to your Windows PC. Our desktop app interacts with this native application and leverages the Text to Speech bot native to your Windows PC as well. Currently, we do not offer other platforms but hope to in the future.

All of this can be delivered Inside Your Firewall, SAAS, or a combination of both.