Did the Movie Wall-E Predict the Future?

By June 3, 2024AI, bots, empathy

Didn’t Elon Musk say that AI will take away the need for humans to work? I just saw the Pixar movie Wall-E for the first time (I know it was made 16 years ago) and was fascinated by the man-made environment the humans were living in due to the environmental damage done to earth. 

The Wall-E movie is an example of what we would be living like if AI replaced all our jobs. They didn’t even need to walk they just floated around with robots feeding them and entertaining them. There were no humans interacting with each other, only “screens” and everyone wore the same clothing.

If current humans lived the same way what would be the impact? Here is a list I made – feel free to add to this in the comments.

Pro- Wall-E LifestyleCon- Wall-E Lifestyle
Sleep in lateWeight gain and health risks due to lack of exercise
Stay up lateLack of human interaction and emotional connections
No need to buy groceries or clothesBoredom – lack of variety
No commuting time (or Zooms)Reduced travel
No wars or intercontinental conflictsNo intellectual stimulation
Unlimited free timeLack of diversity
Reduce competition reduces innovation
Removal of social activities and entertainment

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