Video examples of a contact center agent conducting deliberate practice in simulations built by ACES.

Each is an example of using speech recognition, AI, TTS technology platforms

Upset Customer LongĀ  Hold Time

In this example, you will hear an agent respond to an inbound flight reservation.

Chat Support Example With Branching

This will demonstrate how the same simulation can go in a different direction.

Chat support with a hiccup

In this example, our chat agent’s responses don’t settle right with the customer. See how they eventually resolve their issue.

Ordering Shoes

Here is an interesting customer ordering shoes online.

Cable Provider Helping Fix a TV Remote

This example includes a visual of what the customer’s reactions may be while you’re assisting them. It’s another way to help the agent to become empathetic to their situation.

Overdue Payment

Our agent does a great job of explaining why it makes sense to pay off the debt now vs. later.