Video examples of a contact center agent conducting deliberate practice in simulations built by ACES.

Each is an example of using speech recognition, AI, TTS technology platforms

Chat support with a hiccup

In this example, our chat agent’s responses don’t settle right with the customer. See how they eventually resolve their issue.

Chat Support Example 2

This will demonstrate how the same simulation can go in a different direction.

Humorous Example of Ordering Shoes

In this example, you will hear an agent patiently helping someone order shoes for their wedding.

Resetting a password

We’ve all been there, the old -can’t get logged into an account. This simulation is a basic example of helping someone reset their password

Cable Provider Helping Fix a TV Remote

This example includes a visual of what the customer’s reactions may be while you’re assisting them. It’s another way to help the agent to become empathetic to their situation.

Overdue Payment

Our agent does a great job of explaining why it makes sense to pay off the debt now vs. later.