Take advantage of our ready-made courses with our built-in conversation simulator to Practice Your Conversations!

In partnership with industry experts

Explore our Soft-Skill Simulation Library in partnership with Benchmark Portal.

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LAMA Technique

In partnership with McKee Consulting, we have added our simulation platform to their proven customer service training program.

For only $14.99 a person/year, your employees will learn how to apply the LAMA technique to help customers feel Smart and Right

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Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

In partnership with McKee Consulting, your customer service and inside sales reps will instantly begin to bring in incremental revenue after they complete this program. With over 40 years of successfully helping companies win more business, the McKee Consulting company’s techniques will be a big Win!

Only $49.00 per person/year

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Handling Cold Calling Objections

In partnership with Miles Croft, you will learn how to overcome the most common cold calling objections. Miles’s expertise will show you how to easily overcome these roadblocks to qualifying new prospects.

  1. Not Priority
  2. Just Send an Email
  3. I’ve Never Heard of You
  4. Same as Everyone Else
  5. Working with a Competitor
  6. Too Expensive
  7. Not My Decision
  8. Don’t Need it

Price: $49.00/one year access

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