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Simulation Test Drive - Your Voice Matters

Test-drive a small sample of our ACES simulator embedded into one of our partner program, LAMA Essential. The test-drive will also include our ACES Preparation module to ensure your computer has properly set up speech recognition to ensure you have the best simulation experience.

Click here to try it out yourself
Proven Results!

The sample test drive was built using McKee Consulting's LAMA Customer Service Technique

Detailed Analytics

ACES can be deployed for one person or unlimited numbers. Student activities are tracked with our built-in student administration system.

Learn by Realistic Simulations

It's well documented that people learn faster through hands-on experience. This course is designed to give users a realistic experience to ensure "stickiness" of the learning.

Download Today

Click here to download the test-drive now. Will not work on a Mac (sorry)