Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase

, Designing Bot and AI Conversations for Automated Coaching

August 13th 2019

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Association for Continuing Legal Education ACLEA

Come join me in my session on how to create, edit and distribute podcasting for continuing education

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TechLearn Conference 2019

Designing Bot and AI Conversations for Automated Coaching

September 15-17

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Harnessing the Power of Analytics and Big Data to Predict What’s Next Panel

March 31- April 3

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How to PodCast Class

This popular portable audio format can be done by anyone with a microphone. Learn how to create your own podcast show and post into popular distrubution services such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and others.

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Training 2019 Conference Orlando Fl

Come see me demonstrate some unique voice applications for engaging training and performance support

February 24-26

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