Simulation Summer Camp

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Call Center Campus

Come join us in Austin for Benchmark Portal’s Call Center Campus Event. We will be kicking off our partnership with Benchmark Portal and release the first three interactive soft-skill training simulations. The event runs from May 1-3

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Enterprise Connect Conference March 25-26

Innovation Showcase

Customer Experience is the theme for this year’s Innovation Showcase. This is a session within Enterprise Connect that highlights several companies worthy of broader recognition. The goal is to introduce the Enterprise Connect audience to new, innovative companies that haven’t previously exhibited at Enterprise Connect. The Innovation Showcase spotlights breakthroughs, advancements, and cutting-edge technologies that this year, enhance customer experiences.

Here are the winners! We were part of the showcase

Real-Time Communications Conference & Expo Oct 3-5

Protecting the Organization Against Deep Fakes
It’s mind-boggling how fast generative AI has spread across the world. Just recently the EU AI Council has placed guard rails on the use of this technology. How can organizations and individuals protect themselves against the miss-use of these AI-powered digital performers?
In this presentation, Nancy Munro, CEO of Verbal Transactions will discuss the pros and cons to deep fakes and how to set up governance for internal and external uses.


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Roomba-Me This, how Automation and Bots will change Training & OD

November 3rd 12:30-2:00 PM

It’s mind-boggling how fast generative AI has spread across the world. Just recently the EU AI Council has placed guard rails on the use of this technology.

Unleash the Future of Learning and Organizational Development with our cutting-edge speaker! In
today’s fast-paced world, the way we learn and develop within organizations is evolving at lightning
speed. Embrace the future with our dynamic speaker who will guide you through the transformative
impact of Bots, AI, and Automation on learning and organizational development.

Experience the game-changing potential of AI-driven bots that are enhancing learning and

development processes.

Explore the wonders of AI-driven insights that empower organizations to cater to individual needs like

never before.

Discover how automation is the driving force behind learning and development’s future.


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Join me in Orlando on April 13th

AI and digital assistants will soon be managing a lot more work-related tasks. Are you ready for it?  Automation adoption has been growing at a rapid pace. Some 60% of CEOs polled for a recent Gartner survey cited AI as the “most industry-impactful technology” over the coming years. For trainers and talent managers: How will this impact your world? Do you understand how it may change the way work is done? Do you understand how it impacts other business functions such as the supply chain, accounting systems, and customer interactions? It’s critical that trainers and talent management understand how to leverage this type of technology to move the company forward.

In this session you will see examples of how AI and bot technology may impact your role as a trainer, how it will impact talent development, and how AI may or not be the right fit for everyone. At a macro lever I will introduce how your overall organization is being impacted by these technologies to become more strategic in your use of it. For example, when companies introduced robotic process automation into their accounting system, the accountants saved on average 60+ hours a week in data processing. What did they do with the extra 60 hours? It allowed them to become more strategic in their analysis of the information pulled from these financial reports. This session will help you understand this technology in a way that removes the “techy” feel of it so you  can begin to seek out ways it may streamline your tasks and business outcomes.

In this session you will learn:

  • How AI and bots are being used in training and talent management
  • How some current automation tools can be used to streamline talent management and training
  • How AI and automation will impact everything from recruiting to onboarding, measuring performance gaps, and business impact
  • About different tools to experiment with today to get hands-on experience


Intelligent agents such as Siri, Alexa, RPA tools, natural language processing tools, machine learning examples

Webinar: Forget About ChatGPT, Learn how to Automate Skill Gap Measurement

You’ve heard all the buzz about ChatGPT, and how it can automate content generation. What you may not know is that intelligent bots can also help you accelerate the rate at which you can identify skill gaps and how to address them.

In this webinar, Nancy Munro, who has been leveraging learning automation tools for over twenty years, will demonstrate how you can use automation tools embedded in your current training platforms to help you collect skill gap information quickly. You will learn:

  1. Why using bots supports Benjamin Bloom’s 2 Sigma theory
  2. How to align measurement to specific business tasks for job success
  3. Examples of using bots to measure gaps inside common tools like Articulate
  4. Gives you faster access to training ROI

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Webinar: Add an Adaptive Learning Bot to Storyline Content

In this webinar, CEO Nancy Munro will demonstrate how to add interactive role-play conversations with NLP (natural language processing) and our Responsive Bot into Your Articulate Storyline & Rise content.
You will learn:

How to build an interactive coaching bot to provide Real-Time Feedback 
How to collect data on soft and hard skills to demonstrate skill transfer
How to drive navigation of the content to show skill readiness

When: January 5th

Time: 12:00 Central Time

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Webinar “OK Google” How to Voice Enable Training Activities Sept 30th

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VOICE Global


Virtual Oct 13-16-2020


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How Simulations Can Automate Hands-On Practice

Come join me in my session on seeing how simulations can accelerate your on-boarding process

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Harnessing the Power of Analytics and Big Data to Predict What’s Next Panel

March 31- April 3

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Training 2019 Conference Orlando Fl

Come see me demonstrate some unique voice applications for engaging training and performance support

February 24-26

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