Hands-On Realistic Simulations

Our ACES simulation platform is a stand-alone system that allows you to build deploy and track simulations designed to give users real-world deliberate practice

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Hiccups When Booking a Flight

In this simulation, the agent gets off track when helping a customer book a flight

Handling Multiple Chat Sessions

This is an example of an agent managing three chat sessions at once.

Collecting Past Due Payments

This simulation shows how to keep your cool when handling a collections call.

Blending ACES with Other Training Tools like Articulate Storyline

Fun way to Show Dynamic Branching with Video Interactions

Examples of Analytics Captured in Simulations

Partnered with Judy McKee and her LAMA Technical Learning Simulation

Practice Overcoming Cold Calling Objections in Partnership with Miles Croft

Getting our Agents up to speed faster was the number one reason we wanted to use ACES

Program Manager Customer Sales and Services Manager Software company

We are an outsourced contact center, our client wanted to be sure our agents can handle multiple chat windows, ACES was the only training tool that allowed us to have multiple timed chat windows.

Medium sized BPO