Hands-On Realistic Simulations

Our ACES simulation platform is a stand-alone system that allows you to build deploy and track simulations designed to give users real-world deliberate practice

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Hiccups When Booking a Flight

In this simulation, the agent gets off track when helping a customer book a flight

Chat Support with Branching Scenarios

This is an example of a chat support channel, the simulator will randomly decide which scenario the user will receive.

Collecting Past Due Payments

This simulation shows how to keep your cool when handling a collections call.

Demonstrating how to embed a Articulate Storyline course into ACES

Chat System Software and Customer Interaction

In this simulation, you will see how we can simulate your chat systems software and guide the agent through both customer interactions and how to properly mark their records

Demonstrate branching with animated video clips

I have been tasked with selling alligator shoes to a Nun.

Coaching employee on missed opportunities

In this simulation, a manager gets some tips on how to coach an employee properly.