Nancy Munro

From the Farm to the City

Nancy learned early on the value of hard work and how to be an entrepreneur growing up on a dairy farm with her 12 siblings in Iowa. Flash forward after 4 moves, three kids she finds herself in one of the largest cities in the US, Chicago. Along the way she picked up skills on every learning technology platform from VHS, CDs, Internet, AR/VR and now Hands-on Simulations.

Launching her first business in 2005, KnowledgeShift, she picked up valuable knowledge on voice technology to pioneer some of the first enterprise voice-based learning technologies. In 2016 she sold this business to a client and launched Verbal Transactions 2 years later.

Diving deep into the speech and AI Nancy and her team are providing hands-on learning solutions that enable their clients to help employees gain knowledge to prepare them to be successful.