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Introduction to LAMA and the Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Techniques

Learn or review The LAMA Technique in this segment and how it can be applied to increase sales volumes.

This technique has proven for over 40 years! and has increased sales by over 120%

The four steps of LAMA are:

  • L = Listen,
  • A=Acknowledge what you heard,
  • M = Make a statement, recommendation, suggestion or explanation regarding the topic at hand,
  • A = Ask a question to keep control of the path of the call.

This saves so much time and effort when guiding the conversation with your customers.

Transitional Sell

Learn how to use Transitional Phrases to generate additional sales opportunities.

The Transitional Method is the first of Three Ways to Up-Sell and Cross Sell.

  • Learn all that goes in to creating a transition that really works!
  • Approach Add On sales with a great ATTITUDE of SERVICE
  • Also, learn what “not to do” when making an offer for additional sales.