Why Do We Use British Voices in Business?

By January 19, 2018Uncategorized

You can’t watch any reality competition show on TV these days without seeing at least one judge who has a British or UK based accent.  I wonder if the reverse is true in other countries — are they hiring US based judges?  Nope!  I checked.  So why is that?  Well several reasons but here are a few:

• To elevate their company status
• To help connect with people on an intellectual levelbritish voice
• To give perceived refinement to a product or service
• To tap into the sentimentality of people of British heritage
• To differentiate themselves from standard North American branding
• To present listeners with subtle yet persuasive marketing

Years ago a company I worked for hired a new VP of Sales who had a British accent and it was clear he was selected and promoted in many of his positions because of his accent.  Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t a bumbling idiot but I’m sure his career was more accelerated in the US simply because of his accent.

According to Bill Maher, Americans can’t say anything serious without using a British accent – here is a clip from his show giving examples

I’m thinking if I were to learn how to speak with a British Accent how would one go about this.  Here are 5 steps:

  1. Start watching BBC or public television — they have lots of British Actors on there you might start picking up their accents while consuming this content
  2. Start wearing soccer (football) jerseys from UK based teams, you may attract tourist from there and practice having conversations with them
  3. Sing the song from My Fair Lady “The Rain in Spain” with a British accent like Julie Andrews or Audrey Hepburn.  It’s a proven fact that if you have a speech problem sometimes singing helps cure you of this
  4. Start eating food from the UK like fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, tea and scones it will make you feel more British
  5. Hang pictures of the royal family in your home to feel as if you are in the UK — like the say “when in Rome” except you’ll pretend to be in the UK

Hope this helps maybe you’ll be selected to be the next judge on the next big reality talent show.


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