Why didi I name the Company Verbal Transactions?

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Why did I name my company Verbal Transactions? Think about it. Any time we speak to someone there is a transaction taking place. Asking your child to take the trash out has a value to it. You want to teach them responsibility and you need to get the garbage out of the house.

When speaking to a customer, you’re providing value to the relationship and the customer is expecting something in return – a transaction.

Recently Peter Cardon, the Bennis Chair in Teaching Excellence at the USC Marshall School of Business published an article in Fast Company to explain that with the increased use of AI, employers are placing more value on soft skills than ever before.

He states “72% of frequent AI users reported that oral communication will become more important, while 50% said that written communication will decrease in value as AI becomes better able to write in a convincingly human way.”

With the threats that AI brings into our lives and workplaces, the values of integrity, compassion, empathy etc. will rise higher in value to help protect us against deep fakes and hallucinations.

We’re seeing more and more employers wanting to provide soft-skill training to employees. One reason may be that the younger employee’s ability to harness their soft skills were stunted during COVID-19.

Just recently I was speaking to a manager in a call center who was stunned at how casual and non-professional some of their younger employee’s chat conversations were with customers.

By using a conversation simulator like our ACES software, we can provide a realistic and scalable way for employers to practice relevant co-worker or customer conversations and put into context why they should steer the conversation in one direction or the other.


How Space Travel will Benefit All of Us

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Today Sir Richard Branson took his first trip into outer space. I don’t know about you but I think this is AMAZING!  Even though it was a short trip just outside the atmosphere, I’m still in awe of how the original astronauts went to the moon on what we consider “low-tech” technology.

Some people question the amount of money that all of these Billionaires are spending to get their ship into space.  I’ve even thought “why aren’t they spending all of this money to cure cancer and other diseases”?

I found this great infographic that shows many of the products discovered as a result of space travel. Six of them are being used in life-saving applications

Well, it turns out that space exploration has produced many spin-off products that many of us use today.

It would be interesting to see if any of you know of any other spin-offs as a result of space travel not shown in this image.


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